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Draw the 3D figure on an isometric dot sheet.

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Last updated date: 21st Jun 2024
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Hint: Hint: The main objective of this question is for us to draw a 3D figurine.

Complete step by step solution:
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To draw a 3D figurine first we need an isometric dot sheet. If we are trying to do it digitally we will need to download an isometric dot sheet photo from google. After downloading it we can go to paint and insert that isometric dot sheet as our main page and trace the 3D figurine given to us by joining the dots.
To do it manually in a notebook, we will need to fill a blank sheet with a dotted picture systematically. The rest we need to do is join the pictures using pen or pencil. Either it is a cube, cuboid or any other 3D substance this can be drawn both digitally or manually in a notebook.

Note: Any similar type of 3D figurine can be easily drawn with the help of an isometric dot sheet either with the help of paint in our computer or a normal notebook page covered with systematic dots.