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Draw any polygon and shade its interior.

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint: Start with the correct definition of a polygon. Then choose the number of sides and draw accordingly.

Let us start by defining what a polygon actually is.
So, a figure is a polygon, if it is a simple closed figure made up entirely of finite number of line segments.
A polygon should have at least three sides and vertices and at max any number of finite sides and vertices.
For e.g.: A polygon with three sides is called a Triangle.
A polygon with four sides is called a Rectangle.
A polygon with five sides is called a Pentagon.
A polygon with six sides is called a Hexagon and so on.
For this question, let us draw a polygon with five sides called a Pentagon.
So, let us start by making a line segment and name it AB.
seo images

Now, draw another line segment starting from B and name the other end C.
seo images

Similarly, draw another line segment starting from C and name the other end D.
seo images

Again, draw a line segment starting from D and name the other end E.
seo images

Now, since we have 5 vertices from A to E already, but we only have 4 sides. So, we do not create another vertex and just join points A and E.
seo images

This is our Pentagon.
Now let us shade its interior.
seo images

So ABCDE is our required pentagon and the blue coloured region is its interior.

Note: A circle is not a polygon. Some students might think that if we increase the number of sides to infinity, we will get a circle which will be a polygon. But this thought is wrong as a polygon is a closed figure which has a finite number of sides. So, a circle cannot be a polygon.