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What does the term gene pool mean?
A) Harmful microorganisms in a pool
B) Total number of genes in all cells of a single individual
C) Total number of microorganisms found in a swimming pool
D) Total minter of different kinds of genes pooled by all the member of a population

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Hint: Gene stream is the development of qualities starting with one populace then onto the next populace. Instances of this incorporate a honey bee conveying dust starting with one blossom populace then onto the next, or a caribou from one crowd mating with individuals from another group.

Complete answer:
The gene pool is the sum of the genetic material of the population at a given time. The term is usually used to refer to a population composed of individuals of the same species, and includes all genes and gene combinations (the sum of alleles) in the population.

The composition of the population's gene pool will change with evolution over time. This can happen through multiple mechanisms, including mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift. The result is that the gene bank has been modified to adapt to the needs of the population's specific environment.

The genetic modification of pigmentation changes eventually becomes part of many gene pools in these populations. Therefore, the correct answer is “to sum up the total amount of different types of genes by all members of the population.

Hence the correct answer is option ‘D’.

Note: It is controlled by checking how often the allele shows up in the populace at that point separating by the all-out number of duplicates of the quality. The genetic supply of a populace comprises the apparent multitude of duplicates of the apparent multitude of qualities in that populace.