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Why does our palm feel cold when we put some acetone or petrol or perfume on it?

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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Hint: At first think about the common nature of the given three compounds. So that you can analyze the reason through their common nature. Acetone, petrol, and perfume are highly volatile in nature and have low boiling points. Keep in mind the Law of conservation of energy.

Complete answer: Volatile compounds are chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at room temperature. The high vapor pressure results from a low boiling point as the particles of the compound evaporate from liquid to gas phase which is known as volatility. Acetone, petrol, and perfume are highly volatile in nature. Due to its volatile nature, they evaporate very fast when they are exposed to larger surfaces. So when we put some acetone, petrol, or perfume on our palm, they evaporate. During the Evaporation process, the particles of liquids absorb energy from the surface of the palm, as we all know that “Energy is neither created nor destroyed”, the loss of energy results in making the surroundings cool. So that our palms feel cold.

Additional information:
We can also say that acetone, petrol, and perfume has low boiling points. Due to that when they poured on our palm, they evaporate fast and undergo a change of state, so that we get a cooling sensation.

Petrol is made up of gasoline. Gasoline is made from crude oil. The crude oil pumped out of the ground is a black liquid called petroleum. This liquid contains hydrocarbons, and the carbon atoms in crude oil link together in chains of different lengths.
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