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Distinguish between coming together federations and holding together federations with example. India comes under which type of federation?

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Federalism is a form of government in which powers have been distributed between the central and its constituents, like provincial and local. Apart from a national government, jurisdiction is legally divided into two territorial levels, where the entities at each level have sole authority and may operate independently of the others in a given region. The constituent units have a certain degree of control depending on the form of federation.

Complete answer:

Coming together federationHolding together federation
In this type of federation, separate sovereign states connect together to become a greater government.In this type of federation, a broad force or country agrees to split its powers between the constituent states and the central government.
Individual States combine their sovereign rights and assets to form a stronger nation.There is no pooling of authority and retention of nationality in such a federation.
In this federation, the individual states have sole authority. The ultimate result is a more stable nation.In this federation, the central government has more authority than the states.
Examples are the USA, Australia, SwitzerlandExamples are India, Spain, Belgium

India's situation is drastically different from that of the United States, where states have mediated and a federation has been formed. The "unity and integrity of India" was the primary concern at the time of writing the Constitution. The main power is with the central government and rest autonomy with the state government. Thus, India comes under a federation.

Spain has an improper federation system. While highly decentralized, Spain is not a federation because the nation has reflected in the central government institutions that remain in full sovereignty. Each Autonomous Society shall be governed by a collection of institutions defined under its own Law of Sovereignty.