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Differentiate between Monera and Protista.

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: The taxon Monera was first suggested as a phylum by the scientist Ernst Haeckel in 1866. But, the phylum was promoted to the rank of the kingdom by Édouard Chatton in 1925. In 1866, Ernst Haeckel also suggested a third kingdom Protista as "the kingdom of primitive forms" apart from the original plant and animal kingdom that already existed.

Complete answer:
Difference between Monera and Protista-
They are unicellular organisms having a prokaryotic cellular structure.They are unicellular organisms that possess a eukaryotic cellular organization.
They are small microorganisms.Organisms are larger than Monera.
The cell wall is noncellular made up of polysaccharide and amino acidThe cell wall is present in some.
The nuclear membrane is absentThe nuclear membrane is present.
They lack well-defined, membrane-bounded organellesThey consist of eukaryotic cellular organization and well-defined, membrane-bounded organelles
Mitochondria and chloroplast are not present.Mitochondria and chloroplast are present for cellular respiration, chloroplast for photosynthesis
Flagella and Cilia are absent.Presence of Flagella and Cilia for locomotion in some organisms, some also have pseudopodia.
The mode of reproduction in monera is asexual by binary fission or budding.The mode of reproduction in Protista is both Asexual (binary fission or multiple fission) or

Monerans are the most primordial living things and are considered to have been the first to evolve. Kingdom Monera is no longer a legitimate taxon as it comprises members from two domains, groups that are one level higher than Kingdom. Furthermore, Domain Archaea (which are members of the monera) are more closely linked to Domain Eukarya than they are to Domain Bacteria (also members of the monera).