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What is the difference between gravitational force and electromagnetic force?

Last updated date: 25th May 2024
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Hint:Electro-magnetic force is a fundamental force, while gravitational force is a fictitious force. Gravitational force-It possesses mass. It is an internal force. Electromagnetic force-t is exerted by a magnet. It produces magnetic waves. Gravitational force is a weaker force than Electromagnetism.

Complete step by step answer:
Gravitational force: Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation is used for the explanation of gravitational force. This law states that each particle attracts another particle with a force which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. The size of the mass should be finite, meaning its size should be much larger than molecular size.

We have from then statement if \[{m_1}\,,\,{m_2}\] be the two masses of the bodies, \[r\] is the distance between them then, \[g \propto {m_1}{m_2}\] and \[g \propto \dfrac{1}{{{r^2}}}\]. From here we get gravitational force is given by \[g = G\dfrac{{{m_1}{m_2}}}{{{r^2}}}\], where \[G\] is the Gravitational constant.

Electromagnetic force: The electromagnetic force is a one type of interaction which occurs between particles which are electrically charged. This force acts between the charged particles and is due to the combination of all magnetic and electrical forces acting. The electromagnetic force can be attractive or repulsive.

The electromagnetic force, also called the Lorentz force. Lorentz force is the force acting on a charged particle \[q\]that is moving with velocity \[v\]in an electric field \[E\] and magnetic field\[B\]. The total electromagnetic force F acting on a charged particle is called the Lorentz force (after the Dutch physicist Hendrik A. Lorentz) and is given by
\[F = qE + qv \times B\]

Note:The electromagnetic force is a force that acts between charged particles and is a combination of electrical and magnetic forces. Also one should get the difference between gravitational force and gravity. Gravity is the gravitational force exerted by The Earth on any object.
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