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How did western education help the Indians ?

Last updated date: 22nd Feb 2024
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Hint: Educated Indians read about the american and the french revolution and filled the hearts of the Indians with the ideas of liberty, equality and Justice.

Complete answer:
Introduction of western education had limitations too. It had disassociated Indian people from their traditional way of learning and living,their classical roots and indigenous knowledge. Along with it faded Indian values,philosophies and traditions.

Some of the Ideas of Hobbes, Locke and rousseau inspired the people to strive for political and social freedom. The educated indians also became acquainted with the concept of self-rule and democracy. Indians started to demand independence from the british rule in order to establish democratic rule in India. English became a common language. People from different regions could now communicate in the English language . This helped in breaking the regional barriers and unified the country

Through western education, the British sought to create a class of Indians who would be Indians in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals and intellect.”Since they wanted educated Indians for the administrative posts,the English believed in educating only a section of Indians. They did nothing to Spread the education among the masses.
Western education introduced in India for the first time by Britisher .They wanted to create a class “Indian in blood and colour but english in taste,in opinion,in moral and in intellect”.Real motive behind this is not to educate masses but to certain class that would act as a interpreter between government and masses. This model continued even after Independence .Eg focus on IITs or big institute instead of primary level education that cover the large chunk of population that's why our literacy rate was not good but after

Note: The implementation of Sarva shiksha abhiyan scheme literacy rate showed improvement because it covers the masses and primary level education. One of the drawbacks in western education is the absence of value based education that is necessary to make the society aware of the subjects.