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Why did the second Anglo-Mysore war take place?
a. British attacked Hyder Ali’s province
b. British did not help Hyder Ali against Marathas
c. Marathas were in a strong position.
d. None of these

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Hint: 1. Mysore Wars, four military confrontations between the British and the rulers of Mysore in India (1767–69; 1780–84; 1790–92; and 1799).
2. In Central India, between 1803 and 1805, the Second Anglo-Maratha War was the second war fought between British East India Company and the Maratha Empire.

Complete answer:
Option A)
The Anglo-Mysore war did not take place because of British attacked Hyder Ali’s province. Thus, this option is incorrect.

Option B)
The Madras Treaty between Hyder Ali and the British was signed. Both decided to support one another against the Marathas, their mutual enemy. But in 1771, the English did not come forward to support Hyder Ali when the Marathas invaded Mysore. The French port of Mahe, of great importance to Hyder Ali, was also captured by the English.
The main cause of the second Maratha war was the defeat of the Holkars, one of the influential Maratha clans, of the Peshwa Baji Rao II, as a result of which he acknowledged British protection by signing the Treaty of Bassein in December 1802.
This was not agreed upon by the other Maratha rulers, such as the Gwalior Scindia rulers and the Bhonsle rulers of Nagpur and Berar, and they wanted to combat the British. As a consequence, in 1803, the Second Anglo-Maratha War broke out in Central India.

Option C)
The Anglo-Mysore war did not occur because Marathas were in a strong position. Thus, this option is incorrect.

Option D)
None of these is an incorrect option.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

Note: The result of the war was that both parties decided to return the conquered territories and captives to each other pursuant to the Mangalore Treaty (11 March 1784).
The battle of pollilur and the battle of portonovo was part of the second Anglo- Mysore war battle.