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How did print introduce debate and discussion? Explain
"The novels created space for minorities in society." Establish the validity of the statement with the help of an example?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: It is true that print introduces debate and discussion because through the printed matters people were able to influence people to think differently. With reading books, dialogues and debates a common man became more aware of the power of reason and questioning and started to question their existing ideas and beliefs which were discriminatory and irrational. The same media has also given a platform to minorities in society to express themselves and criticize the existing discriminatory system.

Complete answer: Print media is one of the most influential media to influence people and criticize the existing practices and rituals in society. Such as in 1517 Martin Luther used the same media to criticize the rituals and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. His writings were immediately reproduced in huge numbers and read widely by people which led to the division within the church and beginning of the new era of the protestant reformation.
Now if you look at the second part of this question so it goes the same way. The print has given space to minorities in society to express and criticize. Some of the following examples include Vaikkom Mohammed Basheer, Malayalam novelist who was the Muslim writer and gained massive popularity. He wrote about the lives of Muslim households and talked about insane its poverty and the sufferings of minorities in the society. His novels and short stories which were usually written in normal and ordinary language captivated the attention of readers and created a path for a safe space for minorities.

Note: It is the print that could persuade others to think differently. It also includes those who disagreed with established authorities and print and circulate their ideas. Therefore it became an effective medium to challenge the existing irrational authority or any kind of discrimination in the society.