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………….. deduced that all kind of matter are made up of “anu”
A) Dalton
B) Sir. J.J. Thomson
C) Kanad
D) Rutherford

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The answer here to this question includes that the discovery of the word “anu” was done by the Indian philosopher and this leads to the correct answer where the name is Indian origin.

Complete answer:
In modern science, there are numerous scientists who discovered many new things about the amazing facts of chemistry.
Let us now learn about an interesting fact about the word “anu”. This is basically a Sanskrit word and is given for the tiny atom.
- This was given around time between 6th century to 2nd century BCE and it is also called ‘paramanu’.
This concept is known to have been deduced by the Indian philosopher Kanad which is mentioned in his text named as ‘Kanada Sutras’.
- This is known as one of the earliest atomistic theories given by him in the above mentioned century.
- Kanad proposed that ‘paramanu’ or simply ‘anu’ is an indestructible particle of matter. He also stated that this atom (anu) can have two states namely, state of motion and absolute rest.
- He related this ‘anu’ to eternal life and he also put forward the idea that atoms can be combined in several ways to produce chemical change in the presence of external factors such as heat.

Thus, the correct answer to this question is option C) Kanad

Note: Confusions may occur between the words ‘anu’ and ‘amu’ where ‘amu’ has the abbreviation as atomic mass unit and ‘anu’ is a single word which means atom which is also called as ‘paramanu’. This confusion may lead to wrong answers.