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______ covers the crown of the tooth.

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Hint: Crown is the anatomical area of the teeth. It is visible in the mouth after its development below the gingival (also called gums) after completely erupting at that place. If a natural crown gets infected or broken, the artificial crown can also be used.

Complete answer:
- Enamel is the substance that is used to cover the crown of the tooth.
- There are various ways to cover the crowns of teeth from damaging themselves.

Some of the ways are as follows –
• Basic and regular Oral hygiene helps in protecting the crown from getting infected.
• Crunching and grinding of teeth should be avoided to avoid decay of crown.
• Protection should be worn by a person to protect the crown of the tooth.

- While eating, proper bites should be taken.
- Enamel, the hardest substance, is a white, shiny and this material is also stronger than the bone.
- The Enamel is the hardest substance as the material of Enamel is made up of minerals making the Enamel durable and resistant to damages.
- Enamel is also known as the hard calcified tissue which covers the dentin of the crown of the tooth.
- The visible part of the tooth is the Enamel.

Note: To convert the implant or infected tooth, the crowns can be used.
The hardest substance in the human body is tooth enamel. Tooth enamel does not carry any living cells due to which it cannot repair damages done by decay or wear.
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