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Convert 20 atm into torr?

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. There are in total eleven elements in the periodic table which exist as gases under normal conditions. The answer will comprise many physical states of gases or any state which has different units.

Complete answer:
 Pressure (p) pressure of the gas is the force exerted by the gas per unit area on the walls of the container in all directions.
Si unit: Pascal (Pa)
  {1{\text{ }}Pa{\text{ }}:1N{m^{ - 1}}_{^{}}} \\
  {1atm:{\text{ }} = 1.013 \times {\text{ }}{{10}^{ - 5}}{\text{ }}Pa}
  {1atm{\text{ }} = 760{\text{ }}torr} \\
  {20{\text{ }}atm{\text{ }} = {\text{ }}20 \times {\text{ }}760 = 15200{\text{ }}torr.}
Other factors:
(i) the volume and shape of gases is not fixed. These assume the volume and shape of the container.
2. The thermal energy of gases >>molecular attraction.
3. Gases have indefinite extensibility and high compressibility.
4. Gases exert high pressure equally in all directions
5 gases have lower density than the solids and liquids due to negligible intermolecular forces.
6. Gas mixes evenly with other gases or their mixture is homogeneous in composition.
Volume (v): the volume of the container is the volume of the gas sample as gases occupy the entire space available to them. SI unit: m3
  {C.{\text{ }}G.{\text{ }}S{\text{ }}unit{\text{ }} = {\text{ }}c{m^3}} \\
  {1L{\text{ }} = 1000ml}
Temperatures: it is the measure of hotness of the system and energy of the system. SI unit is Kelvin.
The other units are Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Gases and their properties play an important role in our daily lives. Our atmosphere consists of a mixture of gases like Dioxygen, Dinitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapors etc. These gases shield us from harmful radiations. Life is supported by the Dioxygen in the air which we breathe.