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How to convert $17$ yards into feet?

Last updated date: 22nd Feb 2024
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Hint: There are different unit of lengths such as metre , centimetre, kilometre , yards , feet etc.,
As we know, in conversion problems we need to know about conversion factors or relation of the two units. So ,for this problem, we must know the conversion of yards to feet.
Here, we will use relationship between feet and yards

Complete step by step solution: We have to convert the given unit in yards to feet.
Thus, to convert it, we know that appropriate conversion value is
$1$ yard $ = 3$ feet
Therefore, for finding how many feet there are in $17$ yard.
We will use the above conversion.
Multiplying both side of equation by $17$
Therefore $1 \times 17$ yards $ = 3 \times 17$ feet
On solving we get
$17$ yards $ = 51$ feet
Therefore, we can conclude that there are $51$ feet in $17$ yards.

Additional information:
The multiplication property of equality states that, whenever you multiply one side of an equation with any number to maintain the equality sign, the number has to be multiplied at both sides of the equation and in same manner, when there is any fraction then also we have to multiply the same number to denominator and numerator. Similarly there are different other properties of algebraic operation such as addition, subtraction.

While solving these types of problems, one must know about the conversion factor, which is you should know the appropriate unit of conversion. Also for converting feet to yards, we can simply divide both sides by $3$.
Therefore we can also say $1$ feet $ = \dfrac{1}{3}$ yard.
We can observe that yards and feet are used in measurement of sports grounds like cricket, gulf etc.