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How do you convert \[1.55moles\] of water to grams?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: A mole is a systematic unit to express a quantity of a substance. A mole is the amount of substance taken in amount equal to the molar mass or molecular weight of the substance.

Complete step by step answer:
Mole is a convenient or appropriate unit of measurement for describing the amount of a substance in a chemical field. As we measure the weight of an apple or ball in grams and kilogram, a bottle of milk in litres, the weight of a molecule or compound related to chemistry is measured in moles.
The mentioning of moles of a compound gives a more specific information rather than grams or milliliters of the substance. Further knowing the moles of a substance we can deduce the molecular weight in grams or milligrams. Also we can calculate the volume of the substance in litres or milliliters.
According to the mole concept a mole of a substance contains that amount of substance which is equal to the molar mass of the substance. Thus we can say that one mole of carbon contains \[12g\] of carbon which is the molar mass of carbon. Also one mole of water contains \[18g\] of water which is the molar mass of water.
Here we need to determine the amount of water present in a certain mole of water. So we need to determine first the molar mass of water. The molar mass of water (\[{H_2}O\]) is calculated from the atomic masses of the atoms present in water. The molar mass of water = \[2{\text{ }} \times \] atomic mass of \[H\] + atomic mass of \[O\].
Atomic mass of \[H\] is \[1.008g/mol\] and the atomic mass of \[O\] is \[15.999g/mol\] as obtained from the periodic table.
Thus the molar mass of water =$2 \times 1.008 + 15.999 = 18.015g/mol$.
Therefore, one mole of water = $18.015g/mol$
Hence \[1.55moles\] of water = $18.015 \times 1.55 = 27.923g$

The mole calculation is very useful for setting up reaction. Using the number of moles we can determine the amount of the reactants and the amount of products produced from a chemical reaction.