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How do you convert $0.0035$ weeks into seconds?

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: This question is from the topic of time. In this question we need to find there is how many seconds in $0.0035$ weeks. To solve this question we need to know the relation between weeks and seconds. To find the relation we use the relation between weeks and days, days and hours, hours and seconds.

Complete step by step solution:
Let us try to solve this question in which we are asked to convert $0.0035$ weeks into seconds. Before solving this question we need to recall the following relations. In one week there are $7$ days. In one day there are $24$ hours. In $1$ hour there are $60$ minutes. In $1$ minute there is $60$ seconds. Let’s come back to our problem of converting $0.0035$ weeks into seconds.
We have $0.0035$weeks. As we know that $1$ week $ = 7$ days.
So we have $7 \times 0.0035 = {\text{0}}{\text{.0245}}$days in $0.0035$ weeks.
As we know that in $1$ day =$24$ hours.
So we have $24 \times 0.0245 = {\text{0}}{\text{.588}}$ hours in $0.0245$ days.
Now by using the relation between hour and minute we have in $1$ hour $ = 60$ minutes.
So we have $60 \times 0.588 = {\text{35}}{\text{.28}}$ minutes in $0.588$ hours.
Now by using the relation between minutes and seconds we have in $1$ minute $ = 60$ seconds.
So we have $60 \times 35.28 = {\text{2116}}{\text{.8}}$ seconds in $35.28$ minutes which is equal to $0.0035$ weeks.
Hence we have $2116.8$seconds are there in $0.0035$ weeks.

Note: To solve these types of questions in which we have to do the conversion between one unit to in other units of time we need to know the conversion constant between each unit. We can also be asked to convert from seconds to weeks for this divide by conversion constants.