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Complete using the most appropriate option:
Please pack these things very carefully. I don’t want them to get ________.
a) damaged
b) hurt
c) stolen
d) healed

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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Hint: The question is about packing some things carefully which means that care should be taken while packing the things. Therefore the things must be prone to damage, breakage, or the like. We pack things carefully so that they are not ruined. Find the word similar to the word ruined.

Complete answer:
 The correct answer is option a. The author does not want things to be damaged because they must be very important things.
Option b is wrong because the hurt is used to refer to a living thing. Hurting an animal or a human. Sometimes it is used for plants also. Therefore, this is an incorrect option since the word used in the sentence is "things" which signifies that they are non-living things.
Option c is wrong because "stolen" means that the things should be watched over carefully and not packed carefully. Things packed carefully can also be stolen easily. If the author is asking to pack some things carefully, it is about protecting them from being damaged instead of being stolen.
Option d is wrong because first of all, healed is a positive word. Second of all, it is inappropriate to be used here. Packing things carefully to get them healed is an odd expression and is incorrect. We would encourage healing and not discourage it.

This question uses logic and interpretation to be able to be answered correctly. Using clues from the sentence helps us to identify the correct sentence. Students might get confused between options a and c but as explained, we need to find out which is more appropriate.