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Collar bone is known as
A. Scapula
B. Stapes
C. Coracoid
D. Clavicle

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: The collar bone is 13 cm long which is horizontally situated. It connects the breastbone to the shoulder blades. They are present in pairs in the human body, it is visible clearly in some people which are not fat. It connects the three shoulder bones and works as an axis for their rotation.

Complete answer:
The collar bone is also known as the clavicle.
It is located below your neck above your ribs.
Connects the shoulder blades to the breastbone and attaches sternum and shoulder blade.
The clavicle is divided into two parts known to be the medial end and the lateral end where the medial end will connect the sternum and sub joint nearby and the lateral end connects the shoulder bone to the nearby bone sub joint.
The clavicle is a long rigid bone which is present in pairs in total two bones, one on the right side and one on the left.
With the addition of the shoulder blade, it makes the shoulder girdle.
It is the most common bone to get fractured.
The fracture can be of two types, simple and compound.
A simple fracture of the clavicle is known to get a bone break with the organ damage but in compound fracture bone break with organ damage with chances of skin break.

The correct answer is option (D) Clavicle.

Note: Osteomyelitis is known to be the infection of the collar bone, infection in the clavicle affects the organs nearby mainly the lungs tissues. The clavicle is also known as the shoulder bone and collar bone, it serves as the rigid support to the skeleton and covers the cervicoaxillary canal.