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Cleidoic eggs are found in
A) Fishes
B) Amphibians
C) Few reptiles
D) None of these

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Hint: Amniotes are the species that have the characteristics of cleidoic eggs, as over these eggs there is a presence of a protective shell which helps to recognize these eggs. It is calcareous and flexible as well as permeable to air and these types of eggs are not laid in the eggs

Complete answer:
Let us study the options to find the correct answer:
Option A: For respiration fishes constitute gills and lack limbs with digits, through the use of acoustic communication they can communicate underwater in which acoustic signals are transmitted through one individual to another and the sound is produced in the context of feeding, aggression, and courtship behavior and as they are aquatic species so non-cleidoic eggs are found in the fishes. Therefore, this is an incorrect answer.

Option B: Amphibians are the species who to survive needs a moist environment or they are mostly found in water as they are small vertebrates. In cleidoic eggs, there is all the essential food that is important for an embryo to develop into hatching and this is not found in the eggs of amphibians. Therefore, this is an incorrect answer.

Option C: The eggs which reptiles laid have a shell over the eggs and these are hard and thick, and also allows the exchange of gasses. The elements like yolk, water, and salt are present in the eggshell and these are known as cleidoic eggs. Therefore, this is the correct answer.

Option D: As discussed above from all the options we get to know that reptiles are the species that lay cleidoic eggs. Therefore, this is an incorrect answer.

Thus the correct answer is option ‘C’.

Note: The characteristics of cleidoic eggs are as follows,
i) They have hard and protective shell as these eggs are laid in water
ii) The shell is porous to air
iii) The shell is made up of calcium and it helps in prevention of egg desiccation
iv) The egg has all the food that is required by the embryo for developing into a hatchling
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