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Choose the wrong statement about subspecies.
(a)They do not interbreed with individuals of other subspecies.
(b)They are new species in the making.
(c)Geographically isolated populations of a species.
(d)They show minor variations from the parent population.

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Hint: Subspecies come under the category Species in Taxonomic category, where species define as 'a group of potentially interbreeding populations that are reproductively isolated from other such groups'. This definition is given by Ernst Mayr which simply means that the reproduction takes between the same breed or same species.

Complete answer:
Taxonomy hierarchical classification was given by Linnaeus. The hierarchical classification shows categories from higher to lower rank in descending order as shown.
Where Species have the highest population. Subspecies come under the category species, which is most commonly used by zoologists. In subspecies, there are different types of breeding groups present which consist of the population having distinguishing character. As in case of species, interbreeding takes place only between same species, for different species outcrossing technique use and the species which obtain are called as hybrid species which is generally sterile, but in the case of subspecies, the interbreeding can take place with other subspecies in an isolated manner and new species form which is different from its parent. These different types of subspecies show variation in the population. Subspecies only differ morphologically but reproductively they are similar. The difference in the morphology of subspecies is due to different traits. According to Darwin natural selection, when a species changes its place it started to show adaptation as per environmental condition which leads to change in its characters and this change in character change it morphologically but still they are reproductively similar to its previous species and this type of species we called as subspecies and after breeding with its previous species variation take place in morphological character.
The name of subspecies written as
The generic name followed by a specific epithet and then a subspecies name, for example
For Burmese crow, the name can be written as Corvus splendens insolens.

So, the correct answer is, 'They do not interbreed with individuals of other subspecies.'

Note: Variety, Races, and breed consider the same as subspecies but that’s not true in the case of the breed but in the case of variety and races both are similar to subspecies. Variety similar in all ways with subspecies but variety term is used by a botanist for plant species and subspecies used for animal species whereas races are those subspecies which belong to a different country like a human having different morphological character but can interbreed.
In the case of the breed, one breed cannot interbreed with other breeds in isolated conditions like one dog breed can interbreed with its same breed but it becomes complicated if one breed interbreeds with another breed and the result can be futile.