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Choose the word(s) which can correctly replace the word(s) printed in bold in the sentence without changing the meaning of it.
After the acrimonious debate in the Lok Sabha, some members walked out.
A. Bitter
B. Lively
C. Disgusting
D. Short

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Hint:There are millions of words in a language and every word has a meaning which signifies what the word denotes. Meaning is intended to communicate something.

Complete answer:
 Each word has a specific meaning of its own. Also, same words may mean different things depending upon the context in which it is used. A word has its own meaning. We cannot place a word freely in a sentence.
The word has to compliment the meaning of the sentence. Now, to find out which of the given words will fit in the provided sentence, let us look at the context and also the meaning of the given words as options.Acrimonious refers to angry and bitter typically of speech or discussion. The origin of the word is English and it was first used in the early 17th century.
“An acrimonious dispute about land.”
So, now we must go through the meaning of the words given as an option to find out which word best expresses the meaning of acrimonious.
Bitter: It refers to feeling or showing anger, hurt, oor resentment because of bad experience or a sense of unjust treatment.
Lively: It means full of life and energy, active and outgoing.
Disgusting: It refers to arousing revulsion or strong indignation.
Short: It refers to lasting or taking a small amount of time.
From the above explanation, we can identify the answer of the given question. The word that best expresses the meaning of acrimonious is bitter i.e. option A.

Hence the correct answer is option ‘A'.

Note:Whenever you get confused with the meanings of the word, always look through a dictionary. Try to answer the question only when you are clear with the meaning or else it will be difficult for you to find the correct answer.