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Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given:
Match column I with column II and select the correct option from the given codes.
Column AColumn B
F. Mischer(i) DNA double helix
Griffith(ii) Nuclein
Hershey and Chase(iii) S. pneumonia
Watson and Crick(iv) Bacteriophages
Wilkinson and Franklin(v) X-ray diffraction studies

A) A- (ii), B- (iii), C-(iv), D- (i), E- (v)
B) A- (v), B- (iv), C- (iii), D- (i), E- (ii)
C) A- (i), B- (iii), C- (iv), D- (ii), E- (v)
D) A- (i), B- (iv), C- (iii), D- (iv), E- (v)

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Hint: F. Mischer isolated phosphate-rich chemicals now called nucleic acids from white blood cells. Griffith experimented and suggested that bacteria are capable of transformation through the transfer of genetic information. Hershey and Chase confirmed DNA as the genetic material which gets transferred. Watson and Crick gave the structure of DNA. Wilkinson and Franklin also contributed to the structure of DNA.

Complete answer:
A) Friedrich Meischer was a Swiss biologist who was the first to isolate the nucleic acid. He isolated various phosphate-rich molecules called nucleic acids or nuclein. He isolated the nucleic acid first from white blood cells in 1869. Thus, the right match for F. Meischer is Nuclein.

B) Frederick Griffith in 1928 reported that bacteria can transfer their genetic information through a process called transformation. Griffith studied the pneumonia vaccine. He used two strains of Streptococcus pneumonia namely smooth and rough and infected mice with them. The smooth strain was virulent and caused death, whereas the rough strain was non-virulent and the mice survived. But in the third infection, the dead smooth strain was mixed with live rough strain. The mice died as the transformation of rough strain occurred due to genetic transfer from the smooth strain. So, the correct match for Griffith is S. pneumoniae.

C) Hershey and Chase conducted a series of experiments in 1952 that confirmed DNA as the genetic material. They demonstrated that bacteria when infected by bacteriophages receive the DNA of the virus that infects them. So, the correct match for Hershey and Chase is bacteriophages.

D) Watson and Crick explained the double-helical structure of DNA. So, the correct match for them is DNA double helix.

E) Wilkinson and Franklin used X-ray crystallography to obtain images of DNA. Their findings contributed to the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA by Watson and Crick. So, the correct match for Wilkinson and Franklin is X-ray diffraction studies.
So, option A is the correct answer.

Note: All of the above-listed studies contributed to the major aspects of biology. DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid is the key nucleic acid present in almost all organisms. These basic studies have contributed to advanced studies being conducted in bacteria as well as virus.