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Choose one or more correct alternatives
Power is a measure of the _______
A. rapidity with which work is done.
B. amount of energy required to perform the work.
C. slowness with which work is performed.
D. length of time.

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Hint: As a first step, one could read the question well along with the given options. You may realize that the given question is a pretty basic question. One could simply recall the very definition of the physical quantity, power and hence get the answer easily.

Complete step-by-step solution:
In the question we are provided with a fill in the blanks followed by four options. We are supposed to find the correct alternative/ alternatives to fill the blank given.
As a first step, let us recall what power is. We could define the term ‘power’ as the amount of energy that is being transferred or converted per unit time. Watt which is equivalent to joule per second is the SI unit of power. Power is also a scalar quantity. In olden times, power was also called activity.
Mathematically, this quantity can be expressed as,
The dimension of this quantity could be given by, $\left[ M{{L}^{2}}{{T}^{-3}} \right]$.
Therefore, we could make this conclusion that power is the measure of the rapidity with which work is done. Hence, option A is the correct alternative.

Note: There are also other mathematical formulas that are used to express the same quantity, that is, power. It is also the product of force and velocity.
Electric power is the product of potential difference and current.
Torque times the angular velocity also gives power.
$P=\tau \omega $