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China rose belong to the family
(A) Solanaceae
(B) Cucurbitaceae
(C) Leguminosae
(D) Malvaceae

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: China rose is the common name of the hibiscus Rosa sinensis. It is the bisexual flower since it contains both the androecium and the gynoecium part in the same flower and the five corolla joined at the base part of the gynoecium. It is also called the Hawaiian hibiscus or the shoeblack plant.

Complete answer:
(A) Solanaceae:
This family is also known as the nightshade family which includes the flowering plants. It includes the family of the annual and the perennial shrub and also possesses trees. The example for the plants in solanaceae are brinjal, peppers, tomatoes etc.
(B) Cucurbitaceae:
It is the gourd family and consists of the plants that are crawler in nature. The cucumber, pumpkin, snake gourd, bitter gourd etc. comes under this family.
(C) Leguminosae:
This family is also known as fabaceae. It includes mostly the legumes, pea and the bean varieties of plants. The example for the plants that belonged to the fabaceae are soya bean, chick pea, beans, peanut, alfalfa etc.
(D) Malvaceae:
It is the family of the flowering plants and is also called by the name mallows. They contain flowering ornamental plants. China rose belongs to this family.

Hence the correct answer is OPTION(D)

Note: The plants of solanaceae are also called as the night shade this is because the plants including in this class grow in the shady areas and the flowering plants belonging to it bloom only in the night time. Hence they are called night shade.