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What is the chief function of collenchyma?

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: These are having thick deposits of cellulose in their primary cell walls and are closely related to the parenchyma. Thick deposits of cellulose help them in providing strength to the plants.

Correct answer:
In plants, the collenchyma is called the supporting tissue. They have elongated cells with irregular cell walls. In their cell walls, they are having thick deposits of cellulose and they appear polygonal in shape in the cross-section of the stem. The main function of these thickened cell walls is to provide strength to the tissues. The longitudinal interlocking of the cells also helps in providing extra strength to the plants. The collenchyma may form a cylindrical structure or occur as discrete strands in plants. It is one of the three basic, or ground, or fundamental tissues in plants. The collenchyma together with parenchyma and sclerenchyma provides extra strength to the plants at different stages of development.

Additional Information:
A very important feature of collenchyma is that it is extremely plastic in nature and properties. This means that the cells can extend themselves and in this way they can adjust to the increased growth of the organ. -The collenchyma tissues are mainly found in the cortex of stems and also in the leaves. For many herbaceous plants, they are the primary supporting tissue.
The collenchyma tissues are temporarily functional only in the plants with secondary growth and it becomes crushed as the woody tissue develops after secondary growth in the plants.
In plants, the ridges and angles of stems are often constituted by the collenchyma tissues, and also in dicot leaves the borders and veins are commonly made up of the collenchyma tissue.
In the stalks of the celery plant the “strings” found are made up of collenchyma tissue.

Parenchyma is the living thin-walled tissue whereas sclerenchyma is dead support tissue with thick cell walls.
The collenchyma tissues are made up of water-filled elongated living cells, and this water creates pressure inside the cells which provides stiffness to the cells.
The thick cell walls of collenchyma tissue consist of cellulose and pectin.