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Cell theory was formulated by
A) Schleiden and Schwann
B) Rober Hooke
C) Leeuwenhoek
D) Marcello Malphigi

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Hint: Cell is the smallest form of life. It is the structural, functional, fundamental unit of life. Cells are also referred to as ‘building block’ of life.

Complete Answer:
Cell theory:
->Cell theory is the universally accepted theory.
->Cell theory was formulated by Matthais Schleiden (botanist) and Theodore Schwann (zoologist).
->They both gave the two postulates of the cell theory.
->The third postulate of cell theory was given by Rudolf Virchow.
Postulates of cell theory:
->There are three postulates of cell theory. They are given as:
->All living organisms are made up of cells.
->Cells are the basic, structural and fundamental unit of life.
->All the new cells arise from the pre-existing cells.
->Hence from the above discussion it is clear that the cell theory was formulated by Schleiden and Schwann.

Thus, option A is the correct answer.

Note: Point to be noted that the third postulate of cell theory i.e. all the new cells arise from pre existing cells was given by Rudolf Virchow. But he was not credited for his attribution.