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Cell eating and drinking are the phenomena that cannot be traced in
A) Prokaryotic cells
B) Eukaryotic plant cells
C) Eukaryotic animal cells
D) None of the above

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Hint:The understanding of exactly what “cell drinking and eating” is to be understood for solving the answer. These are usually performed by single cell organisms and cells relating to the immune system and organism.

Complete Answer:
Let us discuss what are Pinocytosis (cell drinking) and phagocytosis (cell eating) to give us the idea of the type of cells which actually perform it -
Pinocytosis (cell drinking) and phagocytosis (cell eating) are bulk transport mechanisms generally seen in animal and protist cells which are eukaryotic in nature. The prokaryotic cells do not show pinocytosis and phagocytosis. These mechanisms are bulk transport mechanisms for transport of large quantities of micro molecules, macromolecules and food particles through the membrane.

Additional information:
Let us now get some in depth knowledge about both the terms-
1) Pinocytosis was discovered and named by Warren Lewis, whose time-lapse movies of macrophages and cultured rat sarcoma cells revealed actively moving cell surface protrusions which folded back to enclose extracellular fluids into intracellular vesicles.
2) Phagocytosis is a type of endocytosis whereby a cell engulfs a particle to form an internal compartment called a phagosome. The cell rearranges its membrane to surround the particle that is to be phagocytosed and internalises it.
Many cells are capable of phagocytosis, but several types of immune cells are particularly specialised in this role for example- neutrophils, macrophages and dendritic cells.

Thus, the correct answer is option A (Prokaryotic cells).

Note:Smaller pinocytic vesicles discovered later by electron microscopy, initially called macropinosomes, were resolved into many different kinds of endocytic activity. Currently, endocytosis refers to all kinds of cellular ingestion.