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Casparian strips occurs in

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: Casparian strips are a band of cell wall material in plants which is deposited in the radial and the transverse walls. It is an important structure that forms the plant anatomy.

Complete answer:
Casparian strips are different chemically from the normal cell wall as they are made up of suberin and without lignin unlike the normal cell wall which is made up of lignin and without suberin.
Let us analyze the options to find out the correct option.

Option A: Cortex is the outermost layer of any organ or specialised system. The casparian strips are found in the inner layers and are not formed from the cortex in plants.Therefore, this is the incorrect option.

Option B: Epidermis forms the single most outer layer that covers the leaves, flowers, roots and stems of the plants. They do not form the casparian strips of the plants.Therefore, this is the incorrect option.

Option C: Casparian strips in the plants are formed from the endodermis of the roots. They regulate water and mineral uptake by the roots of the plants.Therefore, this is the correct option.

Option D: Pericycle is the cylindrical parenchyma or sclerenchyma of cells which lies inside the endodermis and the outermost part of the stele of the plants.Therefore, this is the incorrect option.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: Casparian strips form the boundary layer which separates the apoplast of the cortex from the apoplast of the vascular tissue thus blocking the diffusion between these two materials.