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What is cartilage? Give two functions of it.

Last updated date: 23rd Jun 2024
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Hint: Cartilage is the portion of the connective tissue, where it is generally, semi-rigid, and adaptable and it is existing in the almost all portions of the human body, and it is avascular, the fractions where cartilage existing are the nose, bones, intervertebral disc, etc.

Complete answer:
 The purposes of the cartilage are more structural and it fiddles an important role in the whole progression of the humans.
1. In the embryo, this cartilage assists and it is an antecedent of bone.
2.While in the embryo this cartilage stays either as cartilage only or it gives the substructure for endochondral ossification.
3.Cartilage in the complexion enables facial activity.
4.Cartilage is portable and behaves as a supportive configuration in the outer ear.
5.While cartilage is existing in the nose stubs.
6.It is also existing as cushion-like equipment and it acts as a shock absorber in several joints.
7.Whereas cartilage is existing in the trachea, to deter the destruction, while it is also existing in the rib ends.
8.Cartilage also fiddles a position in bone restoration, and in embryo, it behaves as a template for the ossification of bone.

Types of cartilage

A.Hyaline cartilage: It is the most widespread kind of cartilage originate in the body, it is usually bluish-white and translucent.

B.Fibrocartilage: It is extremely powerful among all, and it is the largest flexible connective tissue.

C.Elastic cartilage: This cartilage exhibits, both flexibility and resilience and it consists of both collagen and elastin cords.

Note: Examples for the hyaline cartilage is Ribs, nose, joints, larynx, and the trachea. Whereas examples of fibrocartilage are ligaments and tendons, that fulfill at bones and pubic symphysis, while instance for elastic cartilage encompasses external ear, epiglottis and eustachian tube.