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Carapace is present in
A) Toad
B) Bird
C) Frog
D) Tortoise

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Carapace is defined as a hard layer or structure that is most often present on an animal’s backs and serves protective functions. It might either be found covering the entire animal or anterior or dorsal portion of the animal.

Complete answer:
Carapace makes up the exoskeleton in different animal groups which includes arthropods such as crustaceans and arachnids and also in vertebrates like turtles and tortoises. In case of crustaceans the carapace serves as a protective cover of the cephalothorax and is also calcified to different degrees. zooplanktons that are also involved within crustaceans also consist of carapace. In case of arachnids the formation of carapace is by the fusion of the prosomal tergites into a single plate that also carries the eyes, zoospores and ocularium. In some arachnids the carapace is subdivided. In case of tortoises and turtles the carapace makes up the dorsal part of the shell structure consisting mainly of the rib cage, scutes and dermal armor. Other animals mentioned in the question, toad , bird and frog do not contain any carapace. Toads and frogs instead have a moist and permeable skin that consists of mucous gland that helps it in keeping moist and birds have their body covered with feathers.

Hence the correct answer is option (D) Tortoise.

Note:Carapace is beneficial to the organism that contains it. It not only provides protection but also hydrodynamic advantages as well as sometimes a form of feeding.