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Capsella is an annual plant which posses two carpels in its gynoecium, therefore the plant should be
A) Monocarpic
B) Bicarpic
C) Polycarpic
D) Monocarpic

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint:Gynoecium is the term that is used to define the female parts of the flower which is involved in production of ovules, that after reproduction finally forms fruits and seeds.

Complete answer:
The gynoecium is known to produce megaspores rather than direct egg cells. These megaspores develop into female gametophytes which finally form the egg cells. The gynoecium comprises pistils and is surrounded by stamens which is collectively called as androecium, the male part of the flower. The pistil consists of an ovary, an elongated section called the style and a stigma; which receives the pollen grains. The pistil in turn is composed of carpels which bear structures called ovules.

Ovule is the organ comprising ovary, stigma and style ; inside which the egg cell is known to form. The pistil may be composed of one or more carpels. The plant gynoecium where the pistil consists of a single carpel is called monocarpous, two carpels is called vicarious and more than two is called polycarpous. Where there are multiple carpels but in the unfused form is called apocarpous and where there are multiple carpels but in the fused form is called syncarpous.

Hence the correct answer is option (B) Bicarpic.

Note:Knowledge about the gynoecium and its parts is important since it serves as one of the major components involved in the reproduction of the flower. The ovules are formed from the meristematic tissue of the gynoecium. After fertilization the ovule forms the seeds and the ovary turns into fruit, which sometimes are of economic importance.