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Can you name some metals that are used for cooking vessels? Do you know why these metals are used for making vessels?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: For cooking usually metals are used. Since cooking involves the heat and rapid change in temperature thus only those metals are used which are temperature resistant and that can withstand itself when heat is added on them, these metals generally have high melting point thus you can identify these properties in a metal thus answering this question will be easy.

Complete answer:
Let’s start by knowing the properties of metals, metals are ductile and lustrous, they are good conductors of heat and electricity, they are sonorous and generally they are less dense than other materials. We have to remember that since metals are good conductors of heat and transfer heat quickly thus copper and aluminum are the two metals that are used for making vessels for cooking.

Additional Information:
It is advisable not to store pickles of mango, lemon or jam or sauces in copper vessels since these food materials react with copper metal and are harmful for us while eating. We must have to know that this type of food material is acidic in nature thus food is leached with copper metal.

As we know that the handles of vessels are made up of plastic since plastic is a poor conductor of heat and electricity thus it is easy to hold the hot vessel easily from the handle. As we know that metals are generally lustrous that means they have shine in them for example: sodium metal is lustrous. Copper has a high melting point thus used for cooking.