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$CaC{{N}_{2}}+C$ is known as:
b.Thomas slag
d.Triple Super Phosphate

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Hint: Calcium cyanamide is that the compound with the formula $CaC{{N}_{2}}$. it's the calcium salt of the cyanamide ($CN_{2}^{-2}$) anion. This chemical is employed as fertilizer. It was initially synthesised by Adolph Frank and Nikodem Caro in 1898.

Complete answer:
Calcium cyanamide is ready from the binary compound. The carbide powder is heated at about 1,100 °C in an electrical furnace into which nitrogen is passed for several hours, the merchandise is cooled to ambient temperatures and any unreacted carbide is leached out cautiously with water.
It was used to produce cyanide by fusing with sodium carbonate:
Sodium cyanide is employed in the industrial process in gold mining. It also can be utilized in the preparation of calcium cyanide and melamine.
Through hydrolysis within the presence of $C{{O}_{2}}$, calcium cyanamide produces cyanamide:
Additional information:
Calcium carbide, also known as calcium acetylide, is a chemical compound which contains the $Ca{{C}_{2}}$ chemical formula. Industrially its primary application is in the manufacture of acetylene and calcium cyanamide.
In India, nitrolime is not used. This fertiliser produces a high residual effect of basicity / salinity in the & soil that needs sulphur as a neutralizer. This fertiliser can be used in acidic soils where available.
Hence, the answer is option (c) Nitrolime

-The main use of calcium cyanamide is in agriculture as a fertilizer, on touch with water it decomposes and liberates ammonia.
- Nitrolime is a commercially accepted chemical compound also recognized as lime nitrogen.