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Buds in Bryophyllum are known as _________ buds.

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Hint: Buds are the source of reproduction in the plants like Bryophyllum. The part of Bryophyllum that undergoes vegetative propagation is the leaves. Many buds arise from the leaves which lead to the formation of a new plant after going through under many processes. Budding is one of the main types of asexual reproduction.

Complete answer:
Buds in Bryophyllum are known as epiphyllous buds.
Bryophyllum is a group of plants native to South Africa, Madagascar, and parts of Asia.
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Vegetative reproduction/propagation is an umbrella term for any kind of asexual reproduction occurring in plants, where a new plant grows out of a vegetative part of the old plant. Bryophyllum has a special case of vegetative propagation. The buds are generated from the margins of the leaves (Figure 1). These buds grow up to be new saplings on the leaf itself and fall off to the ground to be rooted and matured. These buds are formed from mitosis of meristematic type tissues in the phylloclade of the plant. They are called epiphyllous buds since they are present on top of the leaves.
Several species in the Bryophyllum group are known to produce toxic chemicals. They are shown to be affecting cattle and sheep using their cardiotoxic materials. One of the diseases is called shrinking disease which affects the nervous system and muscles.
Nowadays Bryophyllum is cultivated throughout the tropical region as an ornamental plant. The unique style of vegetative propagation (presence of epiphyllous bud) was also an attractive part of this decision.

Note: Epiphyllous is aptly named for something on top of the leaves. (Epi- upon, phyllous- related to leaves). These are usually derived from Greek or Latin. These types of terms are broadly used in the field of Biology. Another example of this terminology is epipetalous stamens which is often confused with epiphyllous. Epipetalous stamens means the arrangement of stamens attached with each petal of the flower. Epipetalous condition is found in family Solanaceae.