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Broad part of a leaf is
A.Leaf base
D.All of the above

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Hint: Leaf is a part of the plant. Leaf is the lateral appendage of a vascular plant stem. Leaves are the site of the photosynthesis (the process by which plants make their own food with the help of water, sunlight and carbon dioxide).

Complete answer:
Leaf base:
  • • The part of the leaf which is attached to the stem or branch of the tree is called a leaf base.

  • • In some plants the leaf has a swollen base which is called the pulvinus. Example – in legumes.

  • • In the monocots, the leaf base is very broad and flat. Leaf base in monocots clasps a part of the node of stem as in maize and in banana. This type of leaf base is called a sheathing leaf base.

  • Petiole:
    • • The petiole is also called mesopodium.

  • • Petiole is a cylindrical or sub cylindrical smooth or grooved stalk of the leaves.

  • • Petiole lifts the lamina above the level of the stem.

  • • Leaves having petiole are called as petiolate leaves and the leaves that do not have petiole are called as non-petiolate leaves or sessile leaves.

  • • The petiole helps to hold the lamina to the light.

  • • Petiole allows the leaves to flatter in the wind.

  • Lamina:
    • • Lamina is also called the leaf blade or epipodium.

  • • Lamina is a green and expanded part of the leaf.

  • • Lamina has a particular arrangement of vein and veinlets and this arrangement is called a venation of leaf.

  • • There is a prominent vein in the middle of the lamina which is called the midrib.

  • • Veins act as the channel for transport of water, minerals and food materials.

  • • The main function of the leaves is photosynthesis and transpiration.

  • Therefore, it has been clear from the above discussion that the broad part of a leaf is Lamina.

    Hence the correct answer is OPTION(C)

    Note: Leaves are collectively called foliage. Leaves bear a number of minute pores which are called the stomata which help in exchange of the gases. Leaves with stem make the shoot part of a plant or tree. Leaves can be of different, shape, sizes and textures.