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Botanical name of banana is:
(A) Musa paradisiaca
(B) Musa ariethinum
(C) Mimosa pudica
(D) Iberis amara

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Botanical name is split into two parts, the first one indicates genus while the second one denotes species. Additionally, the first letter of the genus is written in capital words. The scientific name must be written in italics.

Complete answer:
> Musa paradisiaca is commonly referred to as a banana produced in the Musa genus by the large herbal flowering plant. A banana is a botanically consumable plant. It has many health advantages, i.e. it leads to improved digestion and heart health. It is a source rich in calcium, riboflavin, potassium, iron etc.
> Musa ariethinum is the botanical name of chickpea.
> Mimosa pudica is known by many common names including the plant that is sensitive, low, shameful and not tactile (touch-me-not).
> Iberis amara is the scientific name of bitter candytuft.

Therefore, the option (A) is the correct choice.

Additional Information:
Binomial nomenclature, or binary nomenclature, is a systematic method of naming species of living beings by giving a two-part name, with Latin grammar type, although they may be based on other language terms, all of which are composed of two parts. Such a term is called a binomial term (which can be simplified to "binomial"), a binomial name or a scientific name; more informally, it is sometimes called a Latin name. Carl Linnaeus has been credited with the formal introduction of this system, starting with his work, Species Plantarum.
Binomial nomenclature applications are now governed under various internationally agreed rules codes, including ICZN for animals (International Code of Zoological Nomenclature) and the International code of nomenclature for algae, fungi and plants (ICNafp) as the most important codes of rules. While both of these codes are common to the general principles behind binomial nomenclature, there are differences, both in terms of terminology and in their specific rules.

Note: Scientific name consists of two parts, genus and species written in italics. The first letter of the genus must be capitalized. Banana comes under the mimosa genus.