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Bone is mainly composed of
A. Iron and Phosphorous
B. Sulphur and Calcium
C. Calcium and Phosphorous
D. Calcium and Magnesium

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Hint: Bones are the part of the skeleton of Vertebrates. They are rigid and hard with a complex internal structure. In spite of being lightweight, they are strong and hard. They not only provide the framework of the body, but also protect the minute and small organs.

Complete Answer:
- Bone is mainly made up of a type of protein called Collagen which provides the soft framework of bone tissues.
- Secondly, Calcium Phosphate is a mineral which is found in bone tissues that provide strength and hardness in the entire skeleton network.
- We have to remember this combination of collagen and the mineral (Calcium Phosphate) which eventually gives the capability to our bones to withstand any stress. That is, having strong and hard enough to maintain the structure and not to be broken or separated easily. And, side by side it makes the bones more flexible to be able to counter any adverse effects.
- Most importantly, more than 99 percent of the calcium in our body is stored in our bones and the residue 1 percent can be found in blood.
- We need to remind this fact that in chemical terms iron could not stay with non-metal Phosphorus.
- We have already mentioned above about the mineral, Calcium Phosphate. So, it is evident here that our bone is mainly composed of Calcium and Phosphorus. Yes, there is the proportion of magnesium in our bones, but it is not that sort of structural element like calcium and phosphorus.

Hence the correct answer is option C.

Note: Most importantly, Phosphorus, due to its metalloid characteristics, along with Vitamin D, works well with Calcium. In our body, we can see several mechanisms which eventually control the amount or level of calcium present in our bones along with phosphorus. In these activities, through our blood system, several enzymes and hormones take the important roles in the internal mechanisms of our body.