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Balance the following equation
\[{\mathbf{P}}{{\mathbf{b}}_3}{{\mathbf{O}}_4} \to {\mathbf{P}}{\text{bO}} + {{\mathbf{O}}_2}\]

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Hint: A chemical reaction occurs when one or more substances, known as reactants, are converted into one or more other substances, known as products. Chemical elements or compounds are examples of substances. The constituent atoms of the reactants are rearranged in a chemical reaction, resulting in the formation of distinct compounds as products.

Complete answer:
A decomposition reaction occurs when a complex material is broken down into two or more simpler substances. A decomposition reaction has the general form ABA+B. A source of energy, such as heat, light, or electricity, is required for most decomposition reactions.
\[{\mathbf{P}}{{\mathbf{b}}_3}{{\mathbf{O}}_4} \to {\mathbf{P}}{\text{bO}} + {{\mathbf{O}}_2}\]is an example of decomposition reaction.
On the reactant and product sides of a balanced chemical equation, there are equivalent numbers of atoms for each element involved in the reaction. This is a condition that the equation must meet in order to be consistent with the conservation of matter law. It can be checked by adding the numbers of atoms to both sides of the arrow and comparing them to ensure that they are identical.
Pb312 in \[P{b_3}{O_4}\]6 in PbO66

Hence the balanced equation is
\[2\;{\text{P}}{{\text{b}}_3}{{\text{O}}_4} \to {\mathbf{6PbO}} + {{\text{O}}_2}\]
The inorganic compound lead(II) oxide, also known as lead monoxide, has the molecular formula PbO. Litharge, which has a tetragonal crystal structure, and massicot, which has an orthorhombic crystal structure, are two polymorphs of PbO.

A chemical reaction is nothing more than the rearrangement of atoms. To obey the law of conservation of matter, which states that matter cannot be generated or lost in a closed system, chemical equations must be balanced. The balance of a chemical equation is governed by the law of conservation of mass.