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Baking soda is a compound

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: To answer this question, you should recall the concept of different types of materials. The material can be classified into three types: elements, compounds and mixture. Elements and compounds have unique and definite molar mass and properties, while mixtures have no unique identity.

Complete Step by step solution:
Elements are substances that are made from a single type of atom. An element cannot be broken down into any other substance. These act as basic building blocks and everything in the universe is made from these. Examples include carbon, sulfur, oxygen, iron, copper, aluminium. Elements are generally denoted by their symbols.
A mixture is formed through simply mixing of elements or compounds. No new chemical bonds are formed. Mixtures can be separated using physical techniques for example filtration, chromatography, evaporation, magnetisation, flotation and distillation.
Compounds are substances that are formed from atoms of different elements that are connected by chemical bonds. The compounds can be separated into its constituent elements by a chemical reaction. Common examples are water \[({H_2}O),\] sodium chloride, methane. Compounds are denoted by the chemical formula.
Hence, baking soda is a compound and the statement is true.

Hence, the correct answer is option A.

Note: Make sure you remember the difference between baking soda and baking powder which are tabulated below:

Baking SodaBaking Powder
Mainly component is sodium BicarbonateContains many components including Bicarbonates (typically baking soda), and acid salts.
Does not contain Monocalcium PhosphateContain Monocalcium Phosphate, which reacts with $NaHC{O_3}$ when wetted and heated.
Reacts immediately with acidsIt does not immediately react when exposed to acids.
Short leavening processThe leavening process extended with the help of a second acid.
Baking products formed when baking soda is used are not as fluffy when compared to baking powder products, due to shorter reaction duration.Gives fluffier products from baking