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What is the average fat content of buffalo milk?
A. $7.2\% $
B. $4.5\% $
C. $9.0\% $
D. $10.9\% $

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Fats are basically defined as the most essential part of the diet and it plays an important role in maintaining a healthy life. Buffalo milk is rich in fats and is good for the human body. Moreover, fats are the most concentrated source of energy in the diet that provides about 8-9 calories per gram.

Complete step by step answer:
Fats generally mean any ester of fatty acids or a mixture of such compounds that commonly occur in living beings or food. Basically, fats and cholesterol tend to be the most focused terms in a human’s body. They contain three elements namely carbon, hydrogen and oxygen but there is more amount of carbon and hydrogen as compared to oxygen.
Moreover, fats are the source of energy in food that belong to a group of elements called lipids. There are four different types of fats:
1.Saturated fat
2.Monosaturated fat
3.Trans fat
4.Polyunsaturated fat
Now, buffalo milk has a high protein and fat content which further gives it a rich and creamy texture perfect for producing butter, cream and yoghurt. It contains more protein, fat and lactose than cow’s milk. The average fat content of buffalo milk is around $7.2\% $ .

Hence, option A is correct.

Note:Buffalo milk is rich in bioactive compounds that may promote bone and heart health and protect the body from oxidative stress. However, people with cow’s milk allergy may also be allergic to buffalo milk although the research is still inconclusive.