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Ascaris has __________ number of lips
A. Four
B. Three
C. Two
D. One

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Hint: Ascaris is a large roundworm that is found in the intestine of human beings, they resemble the common earthworm. They are large about 30 – 35cm in length with their own digestive system, eyes and lips, they are the genus of parasitic nematodes and belong to the family of ascarididae. One of its species known as ‘Ascaris lumbricoides’ affects the human and causes deadly disease “Ascariasis”.

Complete answer: Ascariasis lumbricoides have length that differ in male and female in which male tends to be smaller than a female roundworm, male is of length upto 30cm whereas female ascariasis can be large upto 20 – 35cm, of about 2 – 6mm wide which belongs phylum of nematoda of genus ascaris. The male posterior end is curved ventrally and has pointed tail, they have three lips on their head along with small teeth. Their eggs are found in the soil and they can withstand strong chemicals, low temperature and desiccation. Infection by these worms are mostly found in the area where sanitisation is poor. No symptoms are noticeable at the primary infection level whereas severe infection may show symptoms like bloody sputum with cough, fever, abdominal discomfort, ulcers in the intestine and even passing of quite long worms with the stool may occur. Its prevention requires proper hygienic habits as it is the most difficult worm to kill and can live upto three years.
So, the correct answer is “Option B”.

Ascaris eggs were found in human faeces by the scientist named ‘ Henry ransom’ in around 1855. They are not found in animals as already an experiment has been performed by feeding them eggs of Ascaris to animals, but they fail to infect any animal. They are normally found everywhere in the world with humid climates with poor sanitization.