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As per the rules of the Indian Red Cross Society, which of the subsequent persons is suggested for blood donation?
A. People not good to health, under the influence of alcohol or drugs
B. Ladies during their menstruation pregnancy and breastfeeding
C. Healthy women but unmarried and below the age of 35
D. Persons who are immunized with live vaccines

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Hint: Before donation, the whole medical record of the donor is examined and he or she is additionally subjected to a quick examination during which temperature, pulse, vital sign and blood count (haemoglobin or hematocrit) are measured and so, all this parameters should be within limits for you to be eligible to donate blood.

Complete Answer:
As per the Indian Red Cross Society most folks can donate blood as long as:
1. You are fit and healthy and can perform normal activities. (Hence, option A is incorrect)
2. You are at least 17 years of age and you can give blood until the age of 66 years. (Hence, option C is incorrect)
3. You weigh over 50 kilos.
4. you have not donated blood within the last 8 weeks (56 days).
5. Men can give blood every 12 weeks and ladies can give blood every 16 weeks.
6. You have a haemoglobin at or above 12.5 g/d

Who cannot donate blood as per Red Cross Society:
1. Pregnant women shouldn't donate blood and await a minimum of six weeks after parturition before they plan to give blood. (Hence, option B is incorrect)
2. You should avoid donating blood if you've got an infection and are taking antibiotics.
3. If you have got a disease caused by an epidemic, you will not be ready to donate blood till it's cured.
4. You should not give blood if you have got AIDS or have ever had a positive HIV test, or if you've got done something that puts you in danger for becoming infected with HIV.

Thus, the correct option is D (Persons who are immunized with live vaccines).

Note: Blood donation may be a voluntary procedure which will help save the lives of others. There are several sorts of blood donation, which help meet different medical needs. This is the foremost common sort of blood donation, during which you donate a few pints of blood. The blood is then separated into its components like red cells, plasma, platelets.