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Arrange the following steps in the conversion of hydel energy to electricity in a proper sequence.
a. Released water is made to fall on the blades of the turbines.
b. Water in the dam is released.
c. Water is collected in the dam.
d. Potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.
e. The armature of the electric generator rotates to produce electricity.
(A) b c d e a
(B) a d b c e
(C) e c d b a
(D) c b d a e

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Hint To answer this question, we need to consider the various energy conversions taking place in a hydel power plant. Considering these energy conversions in the proper sequence, we will get the correct answer.

Complete step by step answer
The conversion of the hydel energy to the electricity is done in a hydel power plant. The power generated is also known as hydropower. As the name suggests the hydropower is generated by the energy of water. This is done by throwing the water with sufficient energy onto the turbine blades, which generates the electricity.
For this, we fill the water in a large tank, which is raised to a sufficient height. Then, the water inside the tank is made to fall freely under the force of gravity onto the blades of the turbine. Therefore the potential energy of water is converted into the kinetic energy. With this kinetic energy, it strikes the blades of the turbines, does work on them, and thereby the kinetic energy is transferred to them. So, the turbines start rotating, which are connected to the armature coils placed in a magnetic field. The rotation of the turbines causes the armature coils to rotate. Thus, from Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, an emf is induced across the two ends of the coil, and hence electricity is generated.
Therefore, from the above we conclude that the proper sequence of the steps mentioned is c b d a e.
Hence, the correct answer is option D.

The hydropower which is discussed in this question, is the most widely used renewable source of energy. The largest producing countries include China, Canada, Brazil, and the USA. According to the International Energy Agency, about $ 17\% $ of the world’s total electricity is generated through the conversion of hydel energy to electricity.