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What are the things the girl does not want to share?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: This question is from the poem called ‘Nobody’s Friend’ from the Marigold book of class 5. The poem is written by the famous children’s book writer Enid Blyton. She wrote children's books from 1934 to 1966 and is well known for books like Famous Five, Secret Seven, and Noddy.

Complete answer:
The poem, ‘Nobody’s Friend’ by Enid Blyton talks about how some children do not share their belongings with others. The poem has three paragraphs.

In the first para, the poet mentions a girl who has sweets which she doesn’t want to share with anyone. The girl also has a beautiful doll with which she does not let anyone play. And finally she also has numerous books, but she does not lend it to anyone. Thus, she has no friends and is lonely.

In the second para, the poet mentions a boy who had toffees, but he ate all of it without sharing. He also had a tricycle which he did not let anyone ride. The boy also had a toy train but he did not let anyone play with it.

The third para concludes the poem by telling us that the little girl has now started sharing her toys and books with other children and thus she has many friends now.

In this poem the girl doesn’t want to share her doll, her book and her sweets.

Note: The poet, through this poem is trying to give a simple message of ‘sharing is caring’ to its reader. She does this by telling us how we would end up without friends if we do not share anything with them. When we share things with other, we always have friends and well-wishers and if we do not share our things with others we would always remain alone.