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What are the similarities and differences in the lives of different kinds of farmers?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: A farmer is an individual engaged in agriculture, raising live organisms for food or raw materials. The term primarily applies to individuals who grow field crops, vineyards, chickens, and other livestock. A farmer would own the farmed land, or may work on property owned by others as a laborer. In the not so distant past, though, a farmer was a person who promoted or increased the growth of a plant, grown by labor and attention, land or crops, or raise livestock.

Complete step by step answer:The similarities among different kinds of farmers may include the aspects like Most farmers rely entirely on farms to make a living and in most cases, all family members are involved in farming and rely on the rain for their farming activities. In order to get good machines for their farmlands, most of them will have to borrow a huge amount of money and are very often illiterate. The majority of them follow the same conventional farming practices, irrigation. The differences between different farmers may have huge variations such as some of them have lands of their own and some are so bad that they have to operate on other lands. Many works in rainy weather conditions, but some are absolutely deprived of rain and must survive in conditions of water shortage. Depending on the climatic conditions at their sites, they sow various varieties of seeds and follow old conventional seed production, irrigation methods and adopt innovative techniques.

Additional Information:
Farmers use technology that would allow progress in agriculture, such as motorized machines, modified animal housing, and genetic engineering. Better internet has enabled farmers to feed more people and to support their families, requiring fewer workers to work on farms. Changes in infrastructure have had a big impact on the way farmers can grow and grow food. Farmers were doing fieldwork by hand or with horse-drawn vehicles in the past. Today, to aid with fieldwork, most farmers use tractors and other wheeled machinery. Tractors, combines, plow, etc. are much bigger and move much faster than horses, so in a shorter time period, farmers can produce more food. Biotechnology in agricultural production is the exploitation of a living organism through breakthroughs in crop and animal production to strengthen the quality of human life. In the past, because of harsh weather conditions, crop harvests were disrupted, but now scientists can adjust crop results by manipulating seeds.

Note:From the get-go, farmers have been attempting to make the most of their resources, but modern farmers have been prepared to connect in sustainable agriculture and farming activities such as conservation, preservation, and relaxation with the continuous evolution of technology.