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What are the remedial measures for the following calamity: Cloudburst?

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: Cloudburst is one of the examples of natural calamity which is defined as massive rainfall in a particular area for a short period of time. The remedial measures are the one that will be going to save us or help us to get safe from that particular thing.

Complete answer:
Cloudburst is defined as a massive rainfall in a particular area for a short period of time. It can also be accompanied by hail and thunder. They are generally found in the areas of desert and mountaineer regions. The cloudburst is not only and one reason that cause death of people, the accompanied flood ,sweeping of massive buildings, lightning as well as landslides and the large drops of rain that downpour the building, things and the person. According to the meteorological department, the rainfall rate which will be equal to or greater than 100 mm per hour is defined as cloudburst.
The remedial measures that you must take in the cloudburst calamity:
1. Always considers meteorological department sayings.
2. keep an eye on the surrounding environment.
3. Do not protect you near the foot of the hill.
4. Always remains distant to the metallic objects as well as big trees and any long infrastructure.
5. Be ready with your first aid box.
6. keep the phones or mobile that can be operated with the help of battery.

The difference between rain and cloudburst is that in rain the warm air that is present normally above the ground get precipitated slowly and steadily but in cloudburst the precipitation fails to come up slowly and steadily, leads to massive flow of water in that particular region. Cirrostratus, Cirroculumus, Cirrus are the three types of cloud that can float up to the height