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What are ketone bodies
a. Acetoacetate acid, acetone, and $\beta $-hydroxybutyric acid.
b. Nicotine acid, folic acid, and ascorbic acid.
c. Acetone, a $\beta $- hydroxybutyrl CoA, and acetoacetic acid.
d. Acetic acid, acetone, and $\beta $- hydroxybutyric acid

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Hint: Often essentially called ketones, ketone bodies are one of the results of fat consumption in the body. When there isn't sufficient insulin, your body can't utilize sugar (glucose) for vitality and your body separates its fat and protein. At the point when fat is utilized, ketone bodies, a corrosive, show up in your blood.

Complete answer:
Ketone bodies are three water-dissolvable particles (acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate and their unconstrained breakdown item, ${(C{H_3})_2}CO$ that are created by the liver from unsaturated fats during times of low food admission (fasting), starch prohibitive eating regimens, starvation, drawn-out extreme exercise, or in untreated sort diabetes mellitus.

These ketone bodies are promptly gotten by the extrahepatic tissues and changed over into acetyl Co-A, which at that point enters the citrus extract cycle and is oxidized in the mitochondria for vitality. Thus, choice A is correct.

Acetic acid $(C{H_3}COOH)$, additionally called ethanoic acid, the most significant of the carboxylic acids. A weak (around 5 percent by volume) arrangement of acidic corrosive delivered by aging and oxidation of regular starches is called vinegar; a salt, ester, or acylal of acidic corrosive is called acetate. So, options D and C are incorrect.

Nicotine acid is present in tobacco, folic acid is often called as Iron and ascorbic acid is Vitamin C, so option B is incorrect.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B).

Note: There are three ketone bodies – acetoacetate, $\beta $-hydroxybutyrate, and ${(C{H_3})_2}CO$. Acetoacetate is made first when fat is processed. $\beta $-hydroxybutyrate is made from acetoacetate. $\beta $-hydroxybutyrate is the transcendent ketone body present in serious diabetic ketoacidosis $\beta $-hydroxybutyrate is a substance that is utilized as vitality by certain cells of the body when sugar levels are low.