Why is the apple referred to as a false fruit?

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Hint: Fruits that develop from the ovary after double fertilization are called true fruits. False fruit can develop from any other part of the flower other than the ovary.

Complete step by step answer:
Fruit is the seed-bearing structure developed from the ovary after double fertilization in Angiosperms. These types of fruits are called true fruits. Characters of a true fruits:
It bears the pericarp (wall of ovary)
It bear seeds or the fertilized ovules
It shows the remnants of style and stigma or scar where ovules were attached.
Example - Mango, Blueberry, Plums, Peaches, Pears, Watermelon, etc.
Facts about True Fruit:
> They are classified as simple fruits, aggregate fruits, and multiple fruits.
> They are also called Eucarp.
> Fertilized ovary only part that forms the fruit.
False fruits
The false fruit is defined as the fruit which is formed from the other parts of the flower as well as the ovary like the receptacle (base), the perianth, thalamus, inflorescence, or calyx.
Examples - cashew-nut, apple, pear, gourd, cucumber, jackfruit, and pineapple.

Some facts about the false fruits:
> False fruit is also called Pseudo-carp/ Parthenocarpic fruit/ Accessory fruit.
> Parts of the plant involved in false fruit formation can be thalamus, peduncle, and perianth.
> False fruits develop from other floral parts except the ovary.
> False fruit develops without fertilization
> Some false fruit is Parthenocarpic i.e. do not contain seeds.
> Apple develops from the thalamus, that is why it is referred to as false fruit.

Difference between True Fruit and False Fruit.

True FruitFalse Fruit
A fruit that is derived from a ripened ovary.They are formed from other parts of the plant as well as the ovary.
True fruit can be simple fruits, aggregate fruits, and multiple fruits. No such classification.
It is referred to as Eucarp.It is referred to as Pseudo-carp, Parthenocarpic fruit, or accessory fruit.
It develops after fertilization It develops without fertilization