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Apple fruit is false because
A. Pericarp is cartilaginous
B. Pericarp is inedible
C. Actual fruit is surrounded by fleshy thalamus
D. It develops from syncarpous ovary

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Hint: At the point when a natural product grows solely from the ovary, it is known as a true fruit. But, when notwithstanding the ovary, some other botanical parts like tepals, bracts or thalamus likewise take an interest in the development of the natural product, at that point it is known as false fruit.

Complete answer:
An adornment organic product is a natural product wherein a portion of the substance is obtained not from the botanical ovary but rather from some neighbouring tissue outside to the carpel. Elective expressions for adornment organic products are false fruit, deceptive natural product, pseudo fruit, or pseudocarp. These are more established terms for adornment natural products that have been reprimanded as "inapt”, and are not utilized by certain botanists today.
Apples, pears, and different organic products are likewise a sort of meaty natural product, however the sweet and succulent part we eat is produced using the external side of the ovary divider and the expanded torus. This sort of natural product is called pear organic product. The genuine strip of the pear natural product is situated in the focal point of the pack, which is hard and somewhat astringent, that is, the apple centre we frequently state. In a regular habitat, such natural products use creatures to eat heavenly phony strips, disposing of parts that are hard to swallow and spreading seeds for them. Cautious perception of the cross segment of the apple uncovers a vascular group organized in a ring in the pseudocarp.
Genuine organic product alludes to the overall organic product, which is created by the pistil. The natural product mass of the organic product is transformed from the ovary divider, similar to peach, plum, melon, bean, and so on., and the natural product is essentially made out of pistil. Organic products created outside the spot, for example, apples and pears, are phony organic products, on the grounds that the aspect of the substance we eat these organic products is transformed from the repository.
Apples, pears and different organic products have natural product lines, and the aspect of the apple centre or pear centre inside the natural product line is shaped by the ovary divider; the flavourful aspect of the organic product line is framed by the container.

So, the correct answer is option C.

Apple is a pome natural product where the thalamus after treatment frames the palatable heft of the leafy food’s pericarp is inside it, covering the seeds. As it creates from tissues with the exception of simply the ovary, it is known as a false fruit.