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Answer the following in detail.
Write the characteristics of the force of friction.

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Hint : Friction depends upon the nature of surface, weight of object and friction is free of area of surface. Friction is a force that opposes motion. Friction does not depend on size and shape of the object.

Complete Step by step solution:
Characteristics of force of friction.
Friction opposes the direction of motion.
Basically friction is nothing but a force of action which opposes the motion.
Friction of force depends on the nature of the surface which is in contact with the object.
 As friction takes place between two objects of surface, the friction also depends on the surface type like a smooth surface, a rough surface type.
If the surface is smooth then friction will be less. And when the surface is rough then friction will be more.
Friction also depends upon the weight of the object.
If the weight (mass) of the object is more then friction will be more and when weight of object is less then friction will be less due to the weight of the object as per gravitational force .
Friction is free (independent) of the area of the surface in contact with the object. As if two different objects of the same weight but their size and shape are different then both will experience the same friction force.
Thus, friction is independent of the area of the surface.

Friction is a force that acts in opposition to bodies motion. As friction acts in the opposite direction to decrease the amount of kinetic energy it holds. And it does not negatively affect the body. The object or body stops because of a decrease in kinetic energy.